Sunday, March 13, 2011

Powder Room Details

Powder rooms are alway a topic of interest,
so here are a few ideas to think about for your own home.

Does your powder room have an exhaust fan in the ceiling? 
They're not very attractive, are they? 
Is there any way to disguise it?

Here's what one client and her willing electrician
did to change the bathroom fan and light
from dull to deluxe.  
She wanted to hang a small chandelier in place of the fan.
The electrician suspended a medallion from the ceiling. 
 Not only did it hide the fan,
but allowed enough air to circulate
so the fan could still be used.   
He hooked the new chandelier
 into the light portion of the fan assembly
 making everything so much prettier.

The ceiling and medallion were painted the same olive color. 
 A brush of bronze on the medallion
brought out the details and linked it
 to the  color of the chandelier.
Problem solved, most beautifully!

This powder room sink has a lovely profile. 
The curved edge is so nice and compliments
the feminine style of the room. 
 With ceramic paint, available at your art-craft store,
 I dressed up the sink
 with soft vines and hydrangeas....
and did the top of the toilet to match.

Ceilings offer another opportunity to dress up a powder room.  
Here, a simple picture frame molding
allows two colors of paint to be used on the ceiling. 
There's that dreaded exhaust fan again!
YES, a pretty crystal chandelier would be perfect here.
Someone call the electrician!

  These walls are dark brown-green,
but they're not dull;
they shimmer with a metalic fresco
 and a subtle fern design.  
 Using the client's art print as inspiration,
I sprinkled white roses on the ceiling. 

Powder rooms are fun to work with. 
There's no major furniture to buy,
 so you can focus on the little things
 that make your room unique.


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