Monday, March 21, 2011

Thinking of Paris

  The space above the fireplace in those high-ceiling rooms
can be a challenge to decorate. 
A large mirror or a flat-screen TV are the usual solutions.
But one client had a more personal idea.

The family vacationed in Paris, and like many others, 
they fell in love with the city. 
They wanted the Eiffel Tower on their wall
 to remind them of their travels. 
We looked at photos from their travels
and made a few selections.  

From these, I painted a mock-up of the mural
 so they could see what their idea would look like. 
It's taped to the fireplace, here.

Once the concept and the colors were approved,
a local sign shop photographically
reproduced my painting so it fit the 5'x11' space.
Printed on adhesive backed canvas,
 it could be installed like wallpaper.

But wait!

There was an electical outlet in the middle of the wall.
How did I miss that? 
 A little paint camouflaged the outlet cover
so that its barely noticable.

And Voila!



  1. That's amazing! Every time I see one of your painting, I'm just blown away by how talented you are. Seriously, i'm going to start thinking of something to have you paint for me!


Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I enjoy hearing from you!

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