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A Hall Cabinet Re-do

When a piece of furniture comes into the studio, it is reviewed immediately by Simon,     who joined us as a short-term houseguest  but has made himself at home for over a year now. Cats are like that.
Here he is being useful.

My client's husband snagged this cabinet at an estate sale for $30. He certainly found a treasure, didn't he? He can be my designated shopper any day!
The size and style were just right for their room, but the color was wrong -- too golden. Could I repaint the cabinet so that it was creamier, but please keep the scroll design on the doors?
First, some sanding and de-glossing so that the new paint would adhere. 

The new color is Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige (#6106). The top was painted two shades darker with Latte (#6108). You can see that I used simple craft paint to paint the design on the doors.

A dark brown stain over the entire piece gave it some personality. 

With the doors and drawers back in place,  the cabinet was sprayed with Minwax Poly-crylic.

And deliver…

Vintage Powder Room

You know how I love pretty powder rooms!  (One day I may finish my own!)
Here's the Before. There was a great color on the wall:  Sherwin Williams Artifact (#6138). Chair molding had just been installed and the homeowner wanted something interesting on the upper wall.  

The overall style of the home was elegant, but very comfortable rather like a luxurious country home.

We chose a multi-layered plaster for the walls  beginning with  deep olive green and gradually getting lighter with each layer: Olive - Amber - Gold

I like the choice of red accents, don't you?


Painting at God's House

Seems like I've been painting 
a lot of bathrooms and bedrooms recently,  so painting a Church was a pleasant departure.

"I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go into the house of the Lord."
(Psalm 122:1)

The church is nestled against the woods with a river meandering nearby.  Jan, Karen and Barb are working to  re-decorate the Church. 
They chose a color scheme from nature-- shades of rust, amber, terra cotta, and forest green.
My happy task was to design the chancel wall.
They wanted:
Contemporary Focus on the Cross. Less...not more.

I painted this sample for the committee to discuss,
and happily it was accepted.

Though you don't see it in the photos,
 the wall is recessed about 8' behind the wood frame
and is about 35 feet long.

The wall was covered with a "popcorn" texture.
Before I began my work, the energetic Cindy
scraped it all off, leaving me a blank canvas
on which to paint.

Thank you Cindy!

The first day was priming and painting the background co…

Dressing Room Blues

Have you noticed how blue is popping up all over? But its not the Country Blue of decades ago.  It's blue with a new attitude..... sort of a French Blue-Grey. It looks grey in the can, but reads blue on the wall.
A recent master bedroom project used these fabrics.  The client chose Sherwin Williams, Naval, a rich Navy Blue
 for the bedroom walls.  
What a dramatic change from builder's beige! 
My challenge was to paint the dressing area  so that it "married" the Navy Blue bedroom
with the Dark Brown bathroom. 

We needed a pattern. 
We needed shimmer.
It couldn't be dark.
Benjamin Moore New Hope Grey to the rescue!
It was the perfect transition color. 
 Two glazes, dark brown and dark grey, were blended on the wall.
                Actually, the client liked the room at this point, 
but there was more to come.  Bronze swirls made things more interesting.

And a veil of sheer gold went over everything. Looks like wall paper, doesn't it?

Here's another view with t…