Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Hall Cabinet Re-do

When a piece of furniture comes into the studio,
it is reviewed immediately by Simon,  
  who joined us as a short-term houseguest
 but has made himself at home for over a year now.
Cats are like that.

Here he is being useful.

My client's husband snagged this cabinet at an estate sale for $30.
He certainly found a treasure, didn't he?
He can be my designated shopper any day!

The size and style were just right for their room,
but the color was wrong -- too golden.
Could I repaint the cabinet so that it was creamier,
but please keep the scroll design on the doors?

First, some sanding and de-glossing
so that the new paint would adhere. 

The new color is Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige (#6106). 
The top was painted two shades darker with Latte (#6108).
You can see that I used simple craft paint
to paint the design on the doors.

A dark brown stain over the entire piece
gave it some personality. 

With the doors and drawers back in place,
 the cabinet was sprayed with Minwax Poly-crylic.

And delivered to its home.
The new colors are more appropriate for my client,
whose decor is much softer 
than the cabinet's original Old World finish.

Simon approves.
And my client is off to accessorize!


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  1. The cabinet looks fantastic with its paler face, but Simon is even prettier...!


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