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A Sampling of Nurseries

Helping with a baby's nursery is always fun, as it's such a happy time for the family. 
Sometimes, I'm asked to paint the walls.

Other times I paint furniture for the nursery.


Surprise for my Eyes

Some days are just special.  Returning from a brief trip,  I found the garden had finally begun to blossom. (and joy! the sun finally was shining).
Then, at the front door, there was another surprise. Aren't these wonderful?

Before leaving, I had hung a spring wreath, hoping to encourage the season!

While I was gone, my dear friend Sherry made these sweet door-cans to go with my wreath.
Don't they look nice together?

These lovelies can be hung outside or in.  Plus, they make teriffic hostess gifts or teacher gifts.
If you look closely, you'll see that the base is a soup can embellished with ribbon!

Want to learn how? You'll find full instructions and inspiring photos here, at Sherry's blog.

Sweet Master Suite

Red and Gold. With such an elegant master bedroom, the adjoining bath needed to be equally well dressed.
The walls were plain and beige.... but not for long!

The fabric at the doorway inspired the walls. Let's make the walls look like faded wallpaper.

First two shades of antique gold were used.  A hint of red was tapped into the design  to echo the red fabric and paint in the bedroom. 

Finally, a dark brown glaze was washed  over the entire wall to complete the look. 


Here's the Second Mirror

Remember this sad looking mirror from last week?  Ah, things have changed.
First he said, "Its too far gone." (and wanted to put it in the trash) Followed by,
 " I can't imagine what you're going to do with this." (hoping to dissuade her) And finally, "Let me make a piece of molding to fix this for you." (acquiescing to the inevitable)
She washed it. She sanded it. She painted it. She stained it. 

She had a new mirror cut for the center, and made it look old.

When she was satisfied, She carried it upstairs and hung it over their bed. Now he sleeps under the old mirror,  and wonders how does a certain woman
come up with these ideas.

But mostly he hopes she used strong hooks  to fasten the mirror to the wall.


Let's Talk Mirrors

I found these two mirrors on Craigs List earlier this week. Paid $50 for both.  He said, "That's expensive firewood." She said, "They have potential."
The mirrors came home. He said, "Garbage Day is tomorrow." She said, "They have potential. Sort of a shabby chic look." He said, "Well, you've got the shabby part right."
A few hours later, after some Windex and fresh paint, the mirror went into the guest bedroom.

She'd painted the table months ago with the idea that someday, with a mirror added, it could become a vanity. Who knew that this mirror would be the exact size!
These these two mis-matched pieces of furniture, look like they were made for each other. Ah, the beauty of paint!

He said, "That really looks nice."
She smiled.
Wait until you see what I have in mind for the other one."

Why is it often easier to see potential in an old piece of furniture than in people?


Let's Talk Lamps

My husband loves what I call the "happy hunt." 
He'll be the first to suggest we spend Saturday
digging through flea markets and barn sales. So off we go. Not long ago, he had a notion that he wanted an old bridge lamp for the office.  (yes, the same office I started working on months ago) After a few weeks of searching, he found just the right one.   It was the perfect height and size and the right price,  but it needed work --   new wiring and (oh, please) a new shade. 
I teased him about his bordello-looking lamp. He quickly re-wired it and cleaned it up  to discover the lamp was solid brass!
It was our dear friend, Sherry, of  'Creations From My Heart' who had the brilliant idea to make a simple burlap shade. (click to see how she did this)

Starting with only the wire frame, she made the muslin lining and the burlap shade in the time it took us to sip our coffee! 
Care to see more of Sherry's magic?
This one is more "girly."
We have two ginger jar lamps pu…