Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guest Bedroom Beginning

I'm not a white-on-white gal. 
 I like color and contrast. 
Let me luxuriate in a room of reds, browns,
with a dash of this. 

However, the beautiful photographs of white rooms
at blogs like those of
Miss Mustard Seed,
Freckled Laundry
and a long list of others
 are seductive. 

See what I mean?
(serene, peaceful, soothing)

So I gave myself a design challenge. 
 Could I put together a guest bedroom
with shades of white?
During the past weeks there have been
lots of projects going on at my house
I decided to tackle not one, but two guest rooms.
 I've discovered a few things: 
  • Working for clients is easier (they make the ultimate decisions)
  • I get distracted easily (doesn't everyone?)
  • Grey? Not for me ( it seems cold.  Maybe its our long winters)

Care to take a peek?

Sweet Dreams!

The numbers for the doors
were made using downloads from
 The Graphics Fairy and Digital Collage Sheets.

Lamps and shades got a face lift.

This lamp, once blue, now is shabby white. 

A pair of salvaged doors moved out of the basement
and became the headboard for the bed. 
I even found some vintage glass knobs for them.

The windows were dressed up
with cornices made from a painter's dropcloth
and fabric taken from an un-used pair of drapes.
Wait 'til you see the entire window -- so cute!

Ok, does brown count as a color?
...or can we just call it dirty white?
( I may have just failed my design challenge)

The mirror and table
that I shared with you earlier goes in this room.

There's a chandelier yet to be installed,
pillows to be made and art to be hung.
But, I'm well on my way.
Let me add some accessories and fluff things up
before showing you the final reveal.



  1. Can't wait to see it! I'm going to post about this, I really want other to enjoy your work.

  2. Very nice...I'm visiting from Anne's blog! I don't like gray thank you! ♥


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