Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let's Talk Lamps

My husband loves what I call the "happy hunt." 
He'll be the first to suggest we spend Saturday
digging through flea markets and barn sales.
So off we go.
Not long ago, he had a notion that he wanted
an old bridge lamp for the office. 
(yes, the same office I started working on months ago) 
After a few weeks of searching, he found just the right one. 
 It was the perfect height and size and the right price, 
but it needed work -- 
 new wiring and (oh, please) a new shade.

I teased him about his bordello-looking lamp.
He quickly re-wired it and cleaned it up 
to discover the lamp was solid brass!

It was our dear friend, Sherry,
who had the brilliant idea to make a simple burlap shade.
(click to see how she did this)

Starting with only the wire frame, she made the
muslin lining and the burlap shade
in the time it took us to sip our coffee!

Care to see more of Sherry's magic?
This one is more "girly."

We have two ginger jar lamps purchased 
from Pier One many years ago.
They've bounced from house to house
filling in where extra light is needed.
They're not fancy.
They're functional.  
And they're very tired looking.
Like this one.

Sherry changed all that.

Tell me this isn't cute!

I had added a few dabs and dashes of paint
 in a failed effort to revive these poor things.
But it was the new shades that really perked them up.

The ruffle is unbleached muslin finishes 
the raw edges of the burlap.
Did you notice the fringed side seam?
So very clever!
And such a dramatic change.

What a generous friend Sherry is to shower me with her talent.


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  1. A husband who likes to go thrifting and garage sale-ing... oh you lucky duck! The lamp looks great; the muslin really balances out the fancy brass scrollwork.


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