Friday, May 27, 2011

Surprise for my Eyes

Some days are just special. 
Returning from a brief trip,
 I found the garden had finally begun to blossom.
(and joy! the sun finally was shining). 

Then, at the front door, there was another surprise.
Aren't these wonderful?

Before leaving, I had hung a spring wreath,
hoping to encourage the season!

While I was gone, my dear friend Sherry
made these sweet door-cans to
go with my wreath.

Don't they look nice together?

These lovelies can be hung outside or in.
 Plus, they make teriffic hostess gifts
or teacher gifts.

If you look closely,
you'll see that the base is a soup can
embellished with ribbon!

Want to learn how?
You'll find full instructions
and inspiring photos here,
at Sherry's blog.



  1. The trees here have bloomed, but we still can't seem to coax a flower or two up. =( Soon hopefully!

  2. Those are gorgeous, what a good idea!


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