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Refreshed Furniture

Ah, another baby's room.   But this time, I'm focusing on the furniture.  The armoire and dresser are older pieces,
and they have some interesting detail.

The soon-to-be-new-Mom loved the ornate scrolls.   BUT,
the pieces needed to be refreshed.
Don't you agree? 

We decided to highlight the scrolls with silver and gold,
and paint the top of the dresser dark silver.

What a difference these accents made!


Suddenly the furniture developed a personality!

Because I did this project in the client's home, I couldn't have a big paint mess, so I chose to use Rub and Buff. (find it at your local art-craft store)
Have you tried it?
It's perfect for adding metallic highlights to just about anything ....wood, pottery, metal, painted surfaces....
I used it on all the scrolls for this furniture. Rubbed it on with a cloth, then buffed it when dry.  A little dab goes a long - long - long way.
The top of the armoire and the dresser were painted with Martha Stewart's metallic pain…

Detour Around Town: Antique Shop

Whenever I drive by this storefront, I think,  "Next time, I'll stop."

Finally, I did.

I found a mix of old and new nestled inside. It was a visual feast.

Silver serving pieces sparkled against the black walls.

...and tea pots always catch my eye. 

From vintage clothing and linens

to furniture, there was much to admire.

I bought this tole tray for my dining room.
These hand painted trays have always been a favorite.
Sometimes, we don't take time to explore what is in our own backyard.
This day, I met an enthusiatic shopkeeper who left the medical field to pursue a dream and reach her goal.
For her, now is the time to express for her creative side. Her eyes dance when she talks about her new work. It's exciting!
Decide to find time this week to visit a place that catches your eye.  a park...a boutique...a public garden... a gallery....historic church.... You'll be glad for it.


Guest Bedroom(s) Finally Done!

It's not often that I get the chance to work on projects for me. But recently, I've focused on the guest bedrooms.
 Tho' I failed the all white-room challenge by using brown accents, it was good to have the room put back together before our guests arrived. 
I am delighted by the cornices that Sherry made for me.
What a special friend she is   to offer me her time and her talent. Everything her hand touches is magic!
The cornices were upholstered with a drop-cloth, and the swags were cut from some drapery panels I purchased from Ballard Designs but never used.
...until now!


a second guest room got a facelift, too. 

The accent wall is painted -- I adapted the design from a piece of wallpaper  that caught my eye. There is something about oversized patterns that appeals to me.
Again, Sherry to the rescue! She made drapery panels using another painter's drop-cloth adding a border of checked fabric.
Didn't they turn out nicely!


Grey and White Bath

Looking for a simple paint design for a bathroom? Here's a project I painted yesterday.

The dots were painted in shades of grey, but easily would adapt to any color scheme.
The bath still is in progress,
with plumbers and electricians expected to finish today,
so these photos aren't complete.

But you get the idea.

Yes, the ceiling was painted dark grey.
No, it doesn't make the room feel smaller,
because there's so much gleaming white.

It's Crisp - Classic - Fresh

Detour Around Town: Estate Sale Hunting

Have I mentioned that my Dearly Beloved enjoys Estate Sales?
These snapshots are of a sale we visited,  but by the time we could join the fun, so much had already been sold.
Why do these sales always begin on Thursday when he's working? (maybe a vacation day is in order)
My purchases were small, but I can share some photos with you.

Don't you just love barns? The doors were tempting....

The house was built in 1832, and since then only three families have lived here.
Well, four families, if you count this barn-swallow that built its nest on the front porch.

Inside was a time capsule of 19th century design.  Heavy oak trim, a warren of rooms, planked floors and layers upon layer of peeling floral wallpaper.
But this farm had been prosperous, as evidenced by the wonderful Victorian settees in the parlor and this  Square Grand Piano. (should have gotten a better photo of it, because it was stunning)

I bought a handful of old books, leaving the odd pieces of china and doilies for someone else. The in…

Guest Bedroom Beginning

I'm not a white-on-white gal.   I like color and contrast.  Let me luxuriate in a room of reds, browns,
with a dash of this. 
However, Pinterest is chock-full of seductively beautiful white rooms.
And I fell under their spell.

So I gave myself a design challenge.   Could I put together a guest bedroom with shades of white? In the process I discovered a few things:

Working for clients is easier (they make the ultimate decisions)I get distracted easily (doesn't everyone?)Grey? Not for me ( it seems cold.  Maybe its our long winters)
Care to take a peek? 
The numbers for the doors were made using downloads from
The Graphics Fairy and Digital Collage Sheets.

Lamps and shades got a face lift. This lamp, once blue, now is shabby white. 

A pair of salvaged doors moved out of the basement
and became the headboard for the bed.  I even found some vintage glass knobs for them.

The windows were dressed up
with cornices made from a painter's dropcloth
and fabric taken…