Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Detour Around Town: Antique Shop

Whenever I drive by this storefront,
I think,  "Next time, I'll stop."

Finally, I did.

I found a mix of old and new nestled inside.
It was a visual feast.

Silver serving pieces sparkled against the black walls.

...and tea pots always catch my eye. 

From vintage clothing and linens

to furniture, there was much to admire.

I bought this tole tray for my dining room.
These hand painted trays have always been a favorite.

Sometimes, we don't take time
to explore what is in our own backyard.

This day, I met an enthusiatic shopkeeper
who left the medical field
to pursue a dream and reach her goal.

For her, now is the time to express for her creative side.
Her eyes dance when she talks about her new work.
It's exciting!

Decide to find time this week
to visit a place that catches your eye. 
a park...a boutique...a public garden...
a gallery....historic church....
You'll be glad for it.


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  1. i just can't resist places like that, Sharon! There are three little shops in a row near here that are only open sporadically, and I keep trying to get into them. I think I'll try again this weekend!


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