Sunday, June 12, 2011

Detour Around Town: Estate Sale Hunting

Have I mentioned that my Dearly Beloved
enjoys Estate Sales?

These snapshots are of a sale we visited,
 but by the time we could join the fun,
so much had already been sold.

Why do these sales always begin on Thursday
when he's working?
(maybe a vacation day is in order)

My purchases were small,
but I can share some photos with you.

Don't you just love barns?
The doors were tempting....

The house was built in 1832,
and since then
only three families have lived here.

Well, four families, if you count this barn-swallow
that built its nest on the front porch.

Inside was a time capsule of 19th century design. 
Heavy oak trim, a warren of rooms, planked floors
and layers upon layer of peeling floral wallpaper.

But this farm had been prosperous,
as evidenced by the wonderful
Victorian settees in the parlor and this
 Square Grand Piano.
(should have gotten a better photo of it, because it was stunning)

I bought a handful of old books,
leaving the odd pieces of china and doilies for someone else.
The inexpensive, "paintable" furniture was sold.

I hung the books in my guest room.

One of them, a collection of life's wisdom and advice,
offers this pithy comment under the heading of 
Women and Marriage, dated 1797.

"She that is born a beauty, is half married."

and this gem from 1810:

"Deliver me from a shabby horse and a sluttish wife"

Not much has changed, has it?


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  1. We're all thinking about books this weekend, it seems! Love them hung on the wall like that. That house was a charmer.


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