Sunday, June 26, 2011

Refreshed Furniture

Ah, another baby's room. 
 But this time, I'm focusing on the furniture. 
The armoire and dresser are older pieces,
and they have some interesting detail.

The soon-to-be-new-Mom loved the ornate scrolls.
the pieces needed to be refreshed.
Don't you agree? 

We decided to highlight the scrolls with silver and gold,
and paint the top of the dresser dark silver.

What a difference these accents made!


Suddenly the furniture developed a personality!

Because I did this project in the client's home,
I couldn't have a big paint mess, so I chose to use
(find it at your local art-craft store)

Have you tried it?

It's perfect for adding metallic highlights to just about anything
....wood, pottery, metal, painted surfaces....

I used it on all the scrolls for this furniture.
Rubbed it on with a cloth, then buffed it when dry. 
A little dab goes a long - long - long way.

The top of the armoire and the dresser
were painted with Martha Stewart's metallic paint,
 layered with Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes.
Both dry quickly and have good coverage.

The mirrors for the dresser were sprayed
in my workshop with Krylon Metallic Silver,
then accented with Rub n' Buff.

Together these pieces look wonderful!
Now for some wall paint and drapery.



  1. Oh, that is absolutely beautiful! I hope she lets you post complete views of the nursery. Fantastic work!

  2. Oh how beautiful! I am getting inspired...want to paint a piece in metallics! :)


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