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A Colorful Playroom

Whenever I get to play with this much color, its exciting!
This project is a fun-filled playroom room for a client's three-year-old grandson.
I didn't plan this project -- merely followed a photo from the Disney Paint collection, using Mickey's Clubhouse colors.
Yellow is a color that "advances" -- meaning it commands your attention.
You can't ignore this accent wall --
it's positively glowing!

How do you paint those cogwheels on the wall?

The Disney paint website has download-able templates.

You can print them directly off the computer
 onto transparency film.
With my trusty overhead projector,
I enlarged the designs to
38", 28",18" and 12"
and traced them onto brown craft paper.

Don't have an overhead? 
Head to your local office supply store,
or sign shop. 
They'll do it for you.

A wheel perforates the paper.
And a pad loaded with powdered charcoal
pounces the design onto the wall.

It looks like this:

Then this. 
And you simply paint inside …

The Road to a Friend's Home is Never Long.....(unless you're hauling furniture!)

My friend Sherry, is re-designing her Master Bedroom,  and it's becoming more spectacular by the day.
I'm helping by painting her furniture.

Yes, I held my breath at first.
Her Thomasville furniture was beautiful, without any flaw,
unlike the salvaged pieces I usually paint.
Once we start, there'd no turning back.

 But when change is in the air---
 we gals go for it!

The armoire was first.
It became BLACK.

 I painted the vintage-looking floral panels.
Notice the tassle Sherry made.
I admire her attention to detail --

 she always gets it right!

With the Armoire done, it was time for the dresser. But first some alterations.

Have you noticed that new matresses
 are taller (or is it deeper), these days?
Nightstands and dressers need to be taller too,
otherwise you're leaning over to read the clock-radio.

Its about scale and balance. 
So before painting, Sherry re-built her furniture by adding a 12" platform at the base of the dresser
and the nightstands.
Next up -- my job, the paint.  
We ch…

Quick Fix Powder Room

Sometimes we can be so focused on a problem, that a solution eludes us, until friends step in. 
The new granite counter top for my powder room
was cut too short.
Oh no! A 3/4" gap at both ends annoyed me for weeks.  There was no additional granite for a backspash
and the space was too great to be filled by any tile.

What to do?
Thank goodness for clever, creative friends.   When I described my problem to them, their reply was immediate:
Create a dry-sink.

And so we did. Here's the gap, filled with wood. Then 1x8 poplar was nailed against the wall.      

A 3" wide top, dressed with crown molding
creates the illusion.

And I finished off with a little paint.

Problem solved, and a bathroom I can live with.

For every a problem, there's a solution, but finding it can take a little time, and talking with the right people helps, too.
Thank you girls for helping me.


Less is More

I'm seeing a shift in children's decor
that reflects the general trend of simplifying our homes.

Themed bedrooms rooms are giving way to designs
that stand the test of time.
(because, kids can be so fickle!)

Baby Anthony is only three days old. Today I painted his name above his crib.

Four years earlier, I had done the same for his sister, Giuliana. Her name looks as fresh today over her big girl bed, as it once did over her crib.
Love her apricot and hot pink color scheme!

Sometimes it's stripes in sweet, girly colors.

Other times, a simple monogram and scrumptious fabrics.

Or, big bright polka dots  dancing across the wall.


A Beach Mural

A young Mom asked me to paint an ocean mural for the children's play room to remind them of their vacations at the shore.
Their daughter is in the Mermaid stage of life, so could she be painted as one? She loves dolphins. Her little boy likes to build things, and playing in the sand is such fun for him.  Oh, and some toucans, please.
Gathering up some photos of the beach,  children and toucans, I dove in. (ouch! bad pun)    

I painted the 7x5 mural on canvas in my workshop, then installed at their home, adding a frame around the edges.
Here it is in the playroom,
before the flooring and the bookcases are put in place.

Because there will be a day when the kids outgrow the mural, I tacked it to the wall, then framed the edges
so it can be taken down, rolled up and stored. In time, the space could painted as a blackboard. ....or filled with a corkboard for their art. .....or hung with a giant world map. or stuffed with posters.
But for today, it will be the beach!