Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Beach Mural

A young Mom asked me to paint
an ocean mural for the children's play room
to remind them of their vacations at the shore.

Their daughter is in the Mermaid stage of life,
so could she be painted as one?
She loves dolphins.
Her little boy likes to build things,
and playing in the sand is such fun for him. 
Oh, and some toucans, please.

Gathering up some photos of the beach,
 children and toucans, I dove in.
(ouch! bad pun)

Here we go with some background
making some progress....

we're almost done

I painted the 7x5 mural on canvas in my workshop,
then installed at their home,
adding a frame around the edges.

Here it is in the playroom,
before the flooring and the bookcases are put in place.

Because there will be a day when the kids outgrow the mural,
I tacked it to the wall, then framed the edges
so it can be taken down, rolled up and stored.
In time, the space could painted as a blackboard.
....or filled with a corkboard for their art.
.....or hung with a giant world map.
or stuffed with posters.

But for today, it will be the beach!


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  1. aaahhh!!! so cool! I'm going to feature it right NOW. I needed a post for today, its perfect because of the toucan.


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