Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Colorful Playroom

Whenever I get to play with this much color, its exciting!

This project is a fun-filled playroom room
for a client's three-year-old grandson.

I didn't plan this project -- merely followed
a photo from the Disney Paint collection,
using Mickey's Clubhouse colors.

Yellow is a color that "advances" --
meaning it commands your attention.

You can't ignore this accent wall --
it's positively glowing!

How do you paint those cogwheels on the wall?

The Disney paint website has download-able templates.

You can print them directly off the computer
 onto transparency film.
With my trusty overhead projector,
I enlarged the designs to
38", 28",18" and 12"
and traced them onto brown craft paper.

Don't have an overhead? 
Head to your local office supply store,
or sign shop. 
They'll do it for you.

A wheel perforates the paper.
And a pad loaded with powdered charcoal
pounces the design onto the wall.

It looks like this:

Then this. 
And you simply paint inside the lines,
just like when you were a kid!

I wonder what little Michael will say when he
sees his special room.


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