Sunday, July 10, 2011

Less is More

I'm seeing a shift in children's decor
that reflects the general trend of simplifying our homes.

Themed bedrooms rooms are giving way to designs
that stand the test of time.
(because, kids can be so fickle!)

Baby Anthony is only three days old.
Today I painted his name above his crib. 

Four years earlier, I had done the same for his sister, Giuliana.
Her name looks as fresh today over her big girl bed,
as it once did over her crib.

Love her apricot and hot pink color scheme!

Sometimes it's stripes in sweet, girly colors.

Other times, a simple monogram
and scrumptious fabrics.

 Or, big bright polka dots 
dancing across the wall.



  1. Hi Sharon! I really love the stripes. Stop by if you have time and see what I did in my daughter's room. Thanks for posting the pics. Very enjoyable.

  2. Love the stripes and polka dots!


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