Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quick Fix Powder Room

Sometimes we can be so focused on a problem,
that a solution eludes us,
until friends step in. 

The new granite counter top for my powder room
was cut too short.
Oh no!
A 3/4" gap at both ends annoyed me for weeks.
 There was no additional granite for a backspash
and the space was too great to be filled by any tile.

What to do?

Thank goodness for clever, creative friends. 
 When I described my problem to them,
their reply was immediate:

Create a dry-sink.

And so we did.
Here's the gap, filled with wood.
Then 1x8 poplar was nailed against the wall.      

A 3" wide top, dressed with crown molding
creates the illusion.

And I finished off with a little paint.

Problem solved,
and a bathroom I can live with.

For every a problem, there's a solution,
but finding it can take a little time,
and talking with the right people helps, too.

Thank you girls for helping me.




  1. Sharon,

    Looks fantastic! Like it was meant to be that way from the beginning! I new to the land of blogs and your blog is one I always look forward to when your post pops up in my reader!


  2. That looks fantastic! Love the dark wood contrast with the beautiful golden marble. Better than ever!


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