Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Road to a Friend's Home is Never Long.....(unless you're hauling furniture!)

My friend Sherry, is re-designing her Master Bedroom,
 and it's becoming more spectacular by the day.

I'm helping by painting her furniture.

Yes, I held my breath at first.
Her Thomasville furniture was beautiful, without any flaw,
unlike the salvaged pieces I usually paint.
Once we start, there'd no turning back.

 But when change is in the air---
 we gals go for it!

The armoire was first.
It became BLACK.

 I painted the vintage-looking floral panels.
Notice the tassle Sherry made.
I admire her attention to detail --

 she always gets it right! 

With the Armoire done, it was time for the dresser.
But first some alterations.

Have you noticed that new matresses
 are taller (or is it deeper), these days?
Nightstands and dressers need to be taller too,
otherwise you're leaning over to read the clock-radio.

Its about scale and balance. 

So before painting, Sherry re-built her furniture
by adding a 12" platform at the base of the dresser
and the nightstands.

Next up -- my job, the paint.  
We chose a soft white for the dresser and nightstands.
Sherwin Williams, Divine White #6105

Then aged them with a chocolate colored stain.

But the top of the dresser remained cherry.
Several coats of varnish added lustre.

Next came all the drawers and the nightstands.
Notice the added platform on the base of the nightstands.

I'm anxious to see them in her new room
and will share the final photos with you
as soon as I can!



  1. How clever to add the height that way! I really love it that you left the cherry top unpainted, its a beautiful contrast.

  2. I can't wait to see the reveal. Sherry's blog was the very first blog I ever read and I'm an avid follower!


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