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A Surprise Gift

I received a surprise gift today -- this cheerful piece of garden art ...and a basket filled with goodies and treats  delivered by my thoughtful friend, Sherry.

Isn't this so clever and cute?

I've long admired Sherry's glass sculptures,
and its a delight to have one in my garden. If you look carefully, you'll see a decanter, a floral vase, and pressed glass sundries all put in perfect order to make this unique piece.
Just for me!!!
Within moments we planted it in the front garden.  LOVE how it looks with with my red front door!

There's no way that I can thank her  for her loving generosity. It's simply who she is.
"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfuly administering God's grace in its various forms." Peter 4:10
But what I can do is "pay it forward" and bless someone else in an unexpected way.
That's my challenge to myself and to you this week: find a way to bless someone in an unexpected and unasked for way.
Then …

Small spaces, Small murals

It's the details that personalize a room.  Some might think they need a huge wall for a mural but they don't.  A painting can be small,  yet make a big statement.
This beach scene was painted in the space above door leading to the sunroom. What makes this special is that it reflects the family's enjoyment of the lakeshore. It's personal.
Powder rooms offer more small spaces to decorate. This little scene is only viewed  when the door is closed.

This mural is a bit larger.
The space arround the tub became a canvas for a garden scene
in a master bath without a window.

Are there any small spaces in your home that might benefit from an unexpected dab of paint?

...and if painting isn't possible,
try hanging an art print for a splash of color.


Sun Room

Every project starts with an inspiration.... and this is a nice one. It helped me identify the colors that the client liked as well as her style -- sunny Mediterranean Villa.

This cabinet was in the back entry. From there, we moved to the garden room where my job was to give a potting sink a little update.
I forgot to take a before photo  because I was so enamoured with the copper farm sink. Don't you love it?
The newly built cabinet was white when I arrived,
but with a warm yellow glaze and azure trim,
it soon developed a little personality. Perfect colors for a summer day.

Then above the windows, some loosely painted vines and faux tiles
just for fun.


Detour Around Town: The Lamb's Tail

Today, I spent a little time at a local shop filled with treasures. It's a feast for the eyes. A big ol' barn filled with curiosities, antiques and garden art. My mission was to purchase a Birthday Gift for my sister.....

but I can't tell you what I selected because that would ruin the surprise.

Shall we explore together?

Fabulous, isn't it? And we haven't even gone inside yet!

And if you walk to the back of the barn, you'll meet a few of the contented residents.

Click here for  The Lamb's Tail website,
and let me know if you're going...I'll join you!