Sunday, August 7, 2011

Detour Around Town: The Lamb's Tail

Today, I spent a little time at a local shop filled with treasures.
It's a feast for the eyes.
A big ol' barn filled with curiosities, antiques and garden art.
My mission was to purchase a Birthday Gift
for my sister.....

but I can't tell you what I selected
because that would ruin the surprise.

Shall we explore together?

this would look great on a patio - for potting, or serving

a great use for an old chandelier!

rusty metal, vintage signs and garden art

everything....even a sink!

Fabulous, isn't it?
And we haven't even gone inside yet!

check out the door know finials

and all the pretty white dishes, sigh!

an homage to the shop's namesake

everywhere you look, inside or out, there's a beautiful view.

And if you walk to the back of the barn,
you'll meet a few of the contented residents.

Click here for  The Lamb's Tail  website,
and let me know if you're going...I'll join you!



  1. I could spend hours and hours there! half of the time would be petting the sheep and goat...

  2. You did a wonderful job showing off our outing. A great afternoon spent with a good friend!

  3. What a fantastic place!! Can't wait to see what you picked up!


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