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Welcome Baby!

Isn't this a charming way to welcome  a new baby into the family?
The sign stands over 6' tall and as you can see, a baby sleeps in the cradle.
My client had the sign made, and with the birth each child, a name plate was painted and hung on the front of the cradle
announcing her good news. 
Not knowing if this baby would be a boy or girl, I painted two name plates.

Once the baby arrived,  the final details were added, and the sign delivered so it would be in her yard when she came home from the hospital. 

Welcome home, little one.

....and here's a little backstory.  
The baby was born a week later than expected
 while  I was working out of town,
my husband had to paint the vitals
and deliver.
(deliver the sign, not the baby, sillies!) 

He stepped wa-a-ay out of his comfort zone for this one!


Feeling Blue

There's been a lot of furniture painting recently
 -- and that's fine. 
When you find bargains,
 you've got to enjoy them. This little gem was snapped up at a neighbor's garage sale. It was either this, or the accordian.... and I chose wisely!
Let's layer it up.
Here it is with an undercoat of vintage silver.

Second layer is:

It's a fabulous color to work with--
believe it or not, it's neutral,
and goes with many color schemes and styles.

Followed by a brush of the vintage silver paint,
wiped off to "muddy" the color a bit.
The edges were lightly sanded 
to reveal a bit of the under color.
Then some freckles.

The result is a great little side table that I put in my family room.

And since the can of  paint was already open,
and I was feeling ambitious, I decided to give my tired black armoire a face lift.

What a difference painting these two items made to the room.
Ah, the power of paint!


what's in a name?

Some projects just make you smile.
This was a very simple project - paint Jada's name on the wall.

But it was Jada's response  that caught me by surprise.
Who knew she would notice, and show delight in the addition to her room!


Today, like every September 11th,  is a somber anniversary for our country.  Others will speak and write about this day more eleoquently than I, for words fail me.
My heart aches for the families who were ripped apart during this attack.  I think of the hopes, the dreams and plans that were extinguished in those anguished hours.
On that day, we witnessed the absolute worst of humanity - but also the best.
As people ran from the carnage   police, firefighters, transit workers and first responders  raced into it.
Too many perished.
In New York. In Washington. In Pennsylvania.
Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for a friend. (John 15:13) ...or for strangers.
We remember those who went to work that day, but never returned home. We are grateful for those who protect our communities and our nation, who put their lives in danger for all. We are humbled by the courage shown in desperate situations. We do not forget.

Hopeful...A Hope Chest Make-over

A hope chest.
Perhaps your grandmother had one.
There was a time when young ladies would stitch lace trimmed linens, quilts, towels, and gather dishes and silver in anticipation of starting their own home.
They'd save them in their hope chest.  Today brides merely register at Bed Bath and Beyond! .

This is how the chest looked at first. Well almost.  Originally, the chest sat on the ground. But adding new legs gives it a lift.

Then step by step it got a face lift!
It started with an inspiration clipped from a magazine.

And grew from there. First with paint.
And some glazing.
Some sanding.

Followed by gold highlights.

I dabbed the brush here and there, back and forth, and all around.  Finally, I was satisfied.
And the chest was ready to go to its new home.

Yes, this is a sneak peek at my friend Sherry's master bedroom re-design.
I can't show you more, until she's ready!

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