Sunday, September 18, 2011

Feeling Blue

There's been a lot of furniture painting recently
 -- and that's fine. 
When you find bargains,
 you've got to enjoy them.
This little gem was snapped up at a neighbor's garage sale.
It was either this, or the accordian....
and I chose wisely!

Let's layer it up.
Here it is with an undercoat of vintage silver.

Second layer is:

It's a fabulous color to work with--
believe it or not, it's neutral,
and goes with many color schemes and styles.

Followed by a brush of the vintage silver paint,

wiped off to "muddy" the color a bit.

The edges were lightly sanded 
to reveal a bit of the under color.

Then some freckles.

The result is a great little side table
that I put in my family room.

And since the can of  paint was already open,
and I was feeling ambitious,
I decided to give my tired black armoire a face lift.

What a difference painting these two items made to the room.
Ah, the power of paint!



  1. This piece turned out beautifully. I am not familiar with Vintage Silver but it sounds fabulous. I would love it if you could pass on the paint company?

  2. Thanks for asking! I used Faux Effects Designer Metallics in Charred Silver - because I had it on the shelf. There are other metallic paints that also would work --Modern Masters, Warm Silver Shade, comes to mind. Hope this helps!

  3. Beautiful piece. Lots of pretty things painted by you here. Thanks so much for your suggestion today of Copyscape. I did not know about that service. I'll be checking it out from now on. Thanks!

  4. As always, fantastic! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  5. You've got such a wonderful eye for how to transform things... love it! Silver and that pale blue are stunning together. Thanks for the info on the silver paint, too...


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