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Men and their TVs

What is it about men and their flat screen TVs? They love 'em,
but how do you decorate  a room around these montrosities?
When my friend Linda remodeled her home, her husband bought the biggest TV he could find and hung it in the middle of the living room wall, ....leaving her to figure out the rest.
The TV looked like
a giant black hole in the wall, and so Linda began the hunt for a piece of furniture to place under it.
We've been to second hand stores, antique shops, flea markets and estate sales.
We even did a little "curb-side shopping"
but found nothing.
Then the call came. "Sharon, I think I found it! Come, take a look and tell me what you think."
Here it is in the basement of the estate sale. What would you say to your friend?

You betcha!
Sold for $50!!! We brought the cabinet back to my workshop and cleaned it with my go-to product,
Doozy.  Have you tried it? 
 Years of grime vanished without damage to the wood or raising the grain.
Love this stuff - and …

Detour Around Town: The Haunted Street

Welcome to our town,
where quiet streets and tidy Victorian homes prevail. With summer now a memory,
pumpkins, cornstalks and bales of straw 
are appearing on porches and lawns. For one particular street, October marks the 
beginning of its eerie transformation into a haunting Halloween tableau.
Each year neighbors enjoy friendly rivalries
as they try to out-do each other with goulish decor and electronic wizardry. 
Would you like to take a walk down the street with me?

You may see an impromptu picnic.

Or a cotillion under the trees.

"May I have this dance?" he asks.

There are pirate ships...

and treasure chests.

Some things are creepy. (would you do this to your front door?)

......and some things are just plain funny.

Only a plumber's wife would think to 
do this in her front yard.
She created her own handy-man,
complete with droopy pants and
a pumpkin sized butt-crack!
(which lights up, by the way!)

By daylight, it's all in good fun
but by night, its magical....
and hundreds flock to …

Painted Pumpkins

When you play with paint, it gets messy,
(and yes, this is my workshop).  You soon realize that some projects work.
And some don't.
This one didn't.
But with paint, just as in life, when things don't turn out as planned, they can be more interesting
than you first expected.

I wanted white pumpkins.
Not real ones.
Painted ones.

Could I crackle them
so that their orange color would peek through the white paint?

Using a box of 'faux-fall decor'
found in the storage room, the experiment began.

I primed the pieces, applied the crackle, and painted with antique white. .......and waited. .......and waited. .......and nothing happened.

Hours later, I gave up and began to wash the paint off.
But wait, this looks interesting!
And so I mixed the white-washed pumpkins and gourds, 
with some branches,  fruits and berries
and plunked them in a ceramic dish.

I don't decorate my home for each season
like so many of you do.
It just seems like soooo much work.
No sooner is the job finish…

Working with Friends Part 2

With last week's home finished, my friend Robin asked if I'd work with her on another project So we packed our bags, tools and paint  and headed out of town for a week.
This time it was a renovation project.
A dining room

The library walls were painted 
Benjamin Moore 'Ballet White'. We lightly glazed them
 and accented the molding with grey.
The crown and frame moldings  are a combination of antique gold and silver.
The room looks slightly French and very feminine.

And a den
Across the hall, a more masculine room.

This room has one wall
of fitted Habersham shelves and cabinets.   We grained all the trim, doors and windows  to match the cabinet's distressed dark wood.
The entire room now looks quite custom
as all the wood now matches seamlessly.
Before and After 

Then the walls received
layers of texture and color...
all very subtle.
Once again, we'll never see the rooms when they are completely furnished,
but it was fun being part of the process.


Working with Friends Part 1

It'salways fun to work with another artist.   And recently I helped a colleague, Robin,  with a very large project  she and her crew were doing.
When completed, Robin and her band of merry painters will have
designed, painted and decorated every inch of every wall,
every ceiling
and all the wood trim in this grand home.
Here are some snapshots of the job site and the work that has been accomplished so far.
The master bedroom is my favorite. The colors are dreamy and the ceiling is lavish.

I admire Robin's ability to blend of layer upon layer
of color and texture.
That girl simply cannot use a single color from the can!
But, then, that's what makes her designs so special.

The dining room is another masterpiece of texture, color and pattern.... though suffers from my bad photography!

I had had the happy job of painting the powder room, with a shimmery champagne colored background and a stencil overlay.

The TV room is a soft blend of color and weathered wood. It's main feature is the …