Sunday, October 23, 2011

Detour Around Town: The Haunted Street

Welcome to our town,
where quiet streets and tidy Victorian homes prevail.
With summer now a memory,
pumpkins, cornstalks and bales of straw 
are appearing on porches and lawns.
For one particular street, October marks the 
beginning of its eerie transformation
into a haunting Halloween tableau.

Each year neighbors enjoy friendly rivalries
as they try to out-do each other
with goulish decor and electronic wizardry. 

Would you like to take a walk down the street with me?

You may see an impromptu picnic.

Or a cotillion under the trees.

"May I have this dance?" he asks.

There are pirate ships...

and treasure chests.

Some things are creepy.
(would you do this to your front door?)

......and some things are just plain funny.

Only a plumber's wife would think to 
do this in her front yard.
She created her own handy-man,
complete with droopy pants and
a pumpkin sized butt-crack!
(which lights up, by the way!)

By daylight, it's all in good fun
but by night, its magical....
and hundreds flock to this street
to enjoy the sights.


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