Sunday, October 30, 2011

Men and their TVs

What is it about men and their flat screen TVs?
They love 'em,
but how do you decorate
 a room around these montrosities?

When my friend Linda remodeled her home,
her husband bought the biggest TV
he could find and hung it
in the middle of the living room wall, 
....leaving her to figure out the rest.

The TV looked like
a giant black hole in the wall,
and so Linda began the hunt for a piece of
furniture to place under it.

We've been to second hand stores,
antique shops, flea markets and estate sales.

We even did a little "curb-side shopping"
but found nothing.

Then the call came.
"Sharon, I think I found it!
Come, take a look and tell me what you think."

Here it is in the basement of the estate sale.
What would you say to your friend?

You betcha!
Sold for $50!!!
We brought the cabinet back to my workshop
and cleaned it with my go-to product,
Have you tried it?

Years of grime vanished without damage
to the wood or raising the grain.

Love this stuff - and it's made here in Michigan!

Because the wood now looked so nice,
we decided NOT TO PAINT the furniture.

Yes, there are times when not painting,
is the right thing to do.

Since there was no varnish on the cabinet,
it was easy to refresh the wood
by rubbing in some dark walnut stain,
and adding a coat of wax.

The piece looks wonderful in Linda's living room.
You'll have to take my word for it
because all my photos vanished!

It's unique.
It anchors the TV.
And it makes Lindas smile every day.

Who could ask for more?



  1. Wow! That piece is stunning! Hope you're having a grand Sunday! Toodles, Kathryn

  2. Dearest Sharon,

    This is genial! What a find and for that little money?! Unbelievable. It is a perfect marriage between the flat screen.
    Love to you and compliments for a job well done.



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