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Seeing Things in a New LIght

Recently there've been a lot of requests to paint light fixtures.
Those with brass want oil-rubbed bronze. Those with bronze want silver. Those with silver want antique gold.
I'm happy to help,
but the challenge is how to juggle the lights
 so they can be painted easily.

Two ladders and some pipe made a sort of  'swing-set'.
The chandelier hangs in the center
and I can paint all sides of the light
 without handling it.

BEFORE  - antique gold with white pickling

AFTER - bronze with aged copper highlights

Spray cans of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze
and Aged Copper
 were used for this project. _________

Another project was repainting
four pendant lights, and their ceiling medallions.

Uh-oh, I forgot to take a BEFORE photo,
but the lights matched the style of
 this popular chandelier from Ballard Design.

The bronze finish needed to become antique silver.

There were lots of faceted crystals to be removed,
(then re-attached)
and lots of curls and swirls to paint.

Once again the 'swing-set…

Thanksgiving wishes

 Be thankful to Him and bless His Name  (Psalm 100:4)
"Has anyone ever been able to prepare an ideal,
Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving dinner?   Personally I don't think it can be done.  Yet every year, millions of us swarm
to the markets intent on perfection.  We contemplate the turkeys. 
 Fresh or frozen? 
Sniff the sweet potatoes.  Snap the beans...
When "T-Day" arrives, we're up before dawn.  There is so much to do
 --braising and basting, mashing and mincing, peeling and pounding.  Loiterers in the kitchen, beware!
With oven and stove blazing, we perfectly synchonize each dish to emerge at the same time and piping hot.   Setting out our finest china, we transform our humble dining room table into a work of art,  ready to receive the bountiful spread.
Then the inevitable happens..... In less than a half-hour a masterpiece meal  that took days to create  has turned into leftovers and a pile of dirty dishes.
Suddenly it occurs to us that the day has flown by  and the only w…

Tea Time Table

Grandmothers are always thinking of delightful ways to indulge their little ones.  This week I met with one who had a small table and chair set  she wanted painted for her new grand-daughter, Sabrine.
Pinks and pale greens were in order.  The new Mother likes topiaries so would I paint some of those? ....and ribbons.... and polka dots....and stripes.... and butterflies.... ..and...and....!
My head was spinning with her ideas, but in the end she suggested I paint whatever I wish, because she knew she'd like it.

Here's where it started:

A bit of pastel plaid for the background
with simply painted brush strokes.
No measuring,
so it looks loose and casual.

A few whimsical topiaries with pink rosebuds.

And the borders of polka dots, squiggles and stripes.

Then on to the chairs, repeating the patterns.

Until it was all done,
and ready to be delivered tomorrow. 


Sign Me Up

Sophia is growing up
 and moving into her big girl room, making way for her new baby sister
 to occupy the nursery.
I was asked to paint a new canvas to welcome baby Peyton.

The inspiration was polka dot bedding
from Pottery Barn. This project is fairly simple to do ....  something any crafty gal can tackle. Yes, it does require some measuring -- and a little patience,
but it's not difficult.
These signs were painted on 3'x2' canvas  purchased "ready-to-go" from Michael's   but could easily be done smaller.
I first taped off, then painted the purple frames.

Polka dots came next. I used a template to trace each circle, but you could easily dip a cork into paint and stamp them, as well.

While the dots dried, I painted the center where the name would go, and began the outer stripes.

 Following the RULE OF 3,
I used three different patterns and three different colors.
Stripes, Polka Dots and Lettering with purple, pink and blue. Leave out one element and the design falls flat.


A Cow in the Kitchen

I've been asked to paint a cow.
I know nothing about cows.    Horses, yes.  Cows no. So I went drove to a nearby farm hoping to be inspired by a bovine beauty.

 I hiked through the clover to get a closer look, but only one cow,  sitting apart from the rest of the herd, showed any interest in me. Had these been horses, a click of the tongue and an apple would bring them right over.
But cows are not like that. They're aloof.
Is it true that when cows lie in a field it means rain is coming? 
These girls could be right --  The sky was cloudy, after all.  Disappointed I couldn't make any new friends,
I turned to the internet to find my model
and came across this little Jersey.

A loosely sketched beginning.

Followed with more detail.

Until the canvas was ready to be delivered. The cow is part of a clever kitchen re-styling
that mixes Country Pine with Oriental Rugs and Ikea lucite.
It's quite interesting.
Fabulous, in fact.

But this is not your "country-cute cow".  My instructions wer…