Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Cow in the Kitchen

I've been asked to paint a cow.
I know nothing about cows. 
  Horses, yes. 
Cows no.
So I went drove to a nearby farm
hoping to be inspired by a bovine beauty.
 I hiked through the clover to get a closer look,
but only one cow,
 sitting apart from the rest of the herd,
showed any interest in me. 
Had these been horses,
a click of the tongue and an apple
would bring them right over.

But cows are not like that.
They're aloof.

Is it true that when cows lie in a field
it means rain is coming? 

These girls could be right -- 
The sky was cloudy, after all. 
Disappointed I couldn't make any new friends,
I turned to the internet to find my model
and came across this little Jersey.
A loosely sketched beginning.

Followed with more detail.

Until the canvas was ready to be delivered.
The cow is part of a clever kitchen re-styling
that mixes Country Pine with Oriental Rugs and Ikea lucite.
It's quite interesting.
Fabulous, in fact.

But this is not your "country-cute cow".
 My instructions were:
...make it big!  The canvas is 6' x 4.5.'
...leave lot of negative space,
which means there's unpainted background area.
...and no color.

It's a perfect accent for a modern kitchen.



  1. How fun!! it looks fantastic, as always. Hope you didn't step in any patties on your field trip... when i was going to college in florida, people would go out to the fields after it rained and harvest 'magic mushrooms' from under the cow pats...

  2. Dearest Sharon,

    You did a great job at painting a cow! Your beautiful blog should have 5 widgets below each post. This is so easily done:

    Love to you,


  3. Followed you from My French Country Home--thank you for that lovely explanation of US Veteran's Day.

    An' thas' a very fine cow!

  4. she is swwwweeeeeeeeett! Who wouldn't want a cow like this in their kitchen?

  5. Sharon, this cow tickles my fancy, warms my heart, and makes me laugh. I adore him. I want a friend just like him in my house....let's talk! You are so talented and I love reading your blog! Joyce


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