Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tea Time Table

Grandmothers are always thinking
of delightful ways to indulge their little ones. 
This week I met with one
who had a small table and chair set 
she wanted painted for her new grand-daughter,

Pinks and pale greens were in order. 
The new Mother likes topiaries so would I paint some of those?
....and ribbons....
and polka dots....and stripes.... and butterflies....

My head was spinning with her ideas,
but in the end she suggested I paint whatever I wish,
because she knew she'd like it.

Here's where it started:

A bit of pastel plaid for the background
with simply painted brush strokes.
No measuring,
so it looks loose and casual.

A few whimsical topiaries with pink rosebuds.

And the borders of polka dots,
squiggles and stripes.

Then on to the chairs,
repeating the patterns.

Until it was all done,
and ready to be delivered tomorrow


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  1. It amazes me what you do practically free hand! love it.


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