Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seeing Things in a New LIght

Recently there've been a lot of requests
to paint light fixtures.

Those with brass want oil-rubbed bronze.
Those with bronze want silver.
Those with silver want antique gold.

I'm happy to help,
but the challenge is how to juggle the lights
 so they can be painted easily.

Two ladders and some pipe
made a sort of  'swing-set'.
The chandelier hangs in the center
and I can paint all sides of the light
 without handling it.

BEFORE  - antique gold with white pickling

AFTER - bronze with aged copper highlights

Spray cans of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze
 and Aged Copper
 were used for this project.

Another project was repainting
four pendant lights, and their ceiling medallions.

Uh-oh, I forgot to take a BEFORE photo,
but the lights matched the style of
 this popular chandelier from Ballard Design.

The bronze finish needed to become antique silver.

There were lots of faceted crystals to be removed,
(then re-attached)
and lots of curls and swirls to paint.

Once again the 'swing-set'
came in handy.

First, everything was primed.

Then painted. 

Spray paint makes the job so easy.
I used Rustoleum Black then Krylon Silver
for these lights,
working back and forth
with spritzes of one color, then the other.

Then did the same for the medallions. 

It's amazing how a little paint can change things!
So don't discard your old lights,
think about refreshing them with some paint.



  1. that is a great set up for painting lighting fixtures. I usually hang mine from a certain branch on a big tree in our back yard but the weather has to be good. This will work in the garage. Thanks for such a great tip.

  2. Great idea! now I can stop painting the driveway....


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