Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sign Me Up

Sophia is growing up
 and moving into her big girl room,
making way for her new baby sister
 to occupy the nursery.

I was asked to paint a new canvas
to welcome baby Peyton.

The inspiration was polka dot bedding
from Pottery Barn.
This project is fairly simple to do ....
 something any crafty gal can tackle.
Yes, it does require some measuring --
and a little patience,
but it's not difficult.

These signs were painted on 3'x2' canvas
 purchased "ready-to-go" from Michael's  
but could easily be done smaller.

I first taped off, then painted the purple frames.

Polka dots came next.
I used a template to trace each circle,
but you could easily dip a cork into paint
and stamp them, as well.

While the dots dried, I painted the center
where the name would go, 
and began the outer stripes. 

Following the RULE OF 3,
I used three different patterns
and three different colors.

Stripes, Polka Dots and Lettering
with purple, pink and blue.
Leave out one element
and the design falls flat.



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