Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving wishes

Be thankful to Him and bless His Name  (Psalm 100:4)

"Has anyone ever been able to prepare an ideal,
Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving dinner? 
 Personally I don't think it can be done. 
Yet every year, millions of us swarm
to the markets intent on perfection. 
We contemplate the turkeys. 
 Fresh or frozen? 
Sniff the sweet potatoes.  Snap the beans...

When "T-Day" arrives, we're up before dawn. 
There is so much to do
 --braising and basting, mashing and mincing,
peeling and pounding. 
Loiterers in the kitchen, beware!

With oven and stove blazing, we perfectly synchonize each dish
to emerge at the same time and piping hot. 
 Setting out our finest china,
we transform our humble dining room table into a work of art,
 ready to receive the bountiful spread.

Then the inevitable happens.....
In less than a half-hour a masterpiece meal
 that took days to create
 has turned into leftovers and a pile of dirty dishes.

Suddenly it occurs to us that the day has flown by
 and the only words we've spoken to anyone have been,
 "Don't touch that," and "Out of the kitchen, all of you!" 
 As we survey the carnage we think...
maybe a perfect meal wasn't the most important thing today." 

by Bryce Klabunde in The Declaration of Something Mysterious.

Kindness is loving people more than they deserve. 
 (Joseph Joubert)

May you have a joyfilled Thanksgiving,
remembering always from whom
all Blessings flow.

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