Sunday, December 11, 2011

An Antique Silver Dresser

Here's a project near to my heart,
a painted dresser for our daughter's new home.
Shh-h-h, it's a Christmas surprise.

I can safely share this with you today,
knowing she's so busy packing up her old house
that she'll never have time to read this
and spoil my surprise. 

(M. if you do happen to read this,
at least pretend....won't you?)

The dresser came from a neighbor's garage sale.
I gleefully wheeled it home,
thankful that I lived downhill!

Some may ask what paint color I used.
This is Charred Silver from Faux Effects.
It's neutral, but has a lot of kick!

Where did that crackle come from?
This is what greeted me the next morning.
As the paint dried overnight, it cracked.
Not at all what I planned.
I did all the right preparation,
but there must have been some incompatibility
between the surface and my paint,
causing the paint to crack.

Rather than be disappointed,
I was pleased.
The crackle makes the piece more interesting.
I hadn't intended to create this effect ---
but I'm so glad it showed up!

The original hardware on the lower drawers
 looked fabulous,
so there was no reason to replace it.

However, I couldn't resist changing out
the knobs on the upper drawers
 with a little ZSA-ZSA!

Found these lovelies at Hobby Lobby.
Don't they have the best selection?

Continuing with the sparkle,
I finished the mirror frame with antiqued silver leaf.

I'll give her the mirrored dresser tray, too.
It belonged to her Grandmother,
and we're sentimental about those things.

The boudoir lamp is new.
It caught my eye while I walked through Pier 1
doing a bit of holiday shopping.
The color was just right.
The silver base matched the mirror frame.
With a little extra GLAM,
it would be perfect.

Some sparkle-y trim, and a glue gun.

I learned this from my friend Sherry 
at Creations From My Heart.
She is the diva of transformation!
And an excellent teacher.
Sherry offers instructional videos for this project
and others in her Etsy shop. 
Thank you Sherry!

Now, all that remains is to deliver it to the new address!




  1. Ooh, its gorgeous!!! Love the trim on the lamp and those zsa zsa knobs you added. One of these days, I'm going to have to add a silver piece somewhere in the house.


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