Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Final (?) Project for the Year

As the days race toward the holidays,
I'm still painting,
trying to get things done
for clients who
have an idea for a special gift.

Here's the last of what needs to be done,
I think....

I got a call from a woman
who wanted these two items painted 
as gifts for her Father and Father-in-law.

The table had been in their basement for years,
and the John Deer box, never used at all.

She thought both could hold magazines and books
 beside the Dads favorite chair.

One Dad is an avid Chicago Bears fan
and the other a University of Missouri alumnus.

Let the painting begin!

The table was challenging
because the color palette was limited to the school colors,
so I "jazzed it up" with some argyle.

I decided to paint the box to look like an old foot locker.

The challenge, here was to design some 'stickers'
 using names of some iconic Bear football players,
suggested by her husband.
By the time you read this,
they will have been delivered my client.

She promises photos of the Dads reactions
to their special gifts.
I  LOVE my job!


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