Sunday, December 4, 2011

Third Time's a Charm

Before Marcello was born,
his Mom asked me to paint his room with an airplane motif.

A year later, his family moved and I painted airplanes again.

A few years later, the family has moved once again,
and now Marcello was upset about leaving
 his airplane room behind.

So his Mom called
and asked me to paint it for a third time!

You can see by now that he is in a big boy bed.

So here we go, beginning with a dark blue accent wall.

Then adding the airplane.
Inspiration came from the bed quilt and pillows.

I don't often get to see a room totally finished,
but this time I was able to admire the drapery.

The colors and design
work so well in a little boy's room.

And Marcello came home from school
happy to see that his new bedroom,
 looks just like his "old" room.
Thanks, Marcello, for letting me play at your house!


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