Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh Baby!

A few months ago I shared photos
 of a furniture project --
updating some 1970's furniture 
so it could be used in a nursery.

This week I was invited back to do a little more painting,
and meet the baby girl who now calls this room home.

Such a fun room! 
A mix of elegance and whimsy all in one.
The new mother wanted a silver tree
added to the wall behind the crib,
so in between baby's naps, I set to work.

The tree was painted with
 Silver and Pearl glazes,
(which don't photograph very well)
and Martha Stewart's Thundercloud,
a dark grey metallic paint, for shading.

Here's peek at the begining

and then the tree grew!

More sparkle and glam was needed,
so Martha Stewart came to the rescue.

Have you tried her glue and glitter?

The glue is dispensed from a pen,
so there's lots' of control where it goes.
And the glitter is super fine, for maximum sparkle.

These were likely designed
 for scrapbooking projects,
but they worked so well on the wall.
I dipped my finger into the glitter
and patted it onto the line of glue
for highlights on the leaves and birds. 

The furniture was perfectly at home
in this girly-girl room.

Isn't the pouffe pretty?

You can tell that I don't often get to see
a completed room!
I was captivated.

...and this chair oooo-la-la!

One thing I appreciate about this room
is that it is a room that a child can grow with.
These colors, the fabrics and furniture
will be just as appropriate for a teen-ager.

And someday, it will may an elegant guest bedroom.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Can you fix this?

It's just paint! 
That's what I always say.
If you don't like can be fixed.... or painted over.

Ms. M is a dynamic, professional woman.  
But hidden beneath her corporate image
is a creative spirit that begs to be expressed.
It was that force
which led her to faux finish
the dressing area in her master bath one night.

The call came the next day. 
She wasn't particularly happy with the result.  
Could I stop by and take a look? 

Actually, she did a great job
 for a first attempt at glazing a room. 
 She admitted that it was more difficult than it looked.  
 Some areas were darker than others,
the corners and edges were heavy
and the color wasn't quite right.  

And while she was willing to repaint the room
and have me start over,
I suggested adding a second layer of color.

A new layer of color - this one dark mahogany -
 would blend into wall
and make it look a bit like distressed leather. 

Here we go. 
Let's see if it works.
Remember, it's only paint. 

This is Ms. M's room

I'm adding a second layer of dark mahogany,

using a brush to apply the glaze. 
And a rag to blend and take it off.

Novices will use a rag to apply the glaze
and try to push it into the corner with their fingers.
It doesn't work well.

You can see how the second layer
is beginning to tone down the color
and even it out...

for a very pretty result.

With Ms. M's beginning and my finishing,
her dressing room now looks the way she'd like it to.

Don't be afraid to play with paint.
You'll surprise yourself!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tips for Choosing a Paint Color

(Getty Images)
Face it, we gals do like a little change....
and painting a room
is an easy way to satisfy that itch.
But choosing a paint color often brings our ambitions
 to a screeching halt because we can't decide on a color. 
So where to start?
First, let me say this:
  there is no ONE PERFECT COLOR 
for any room --
it's a matter of personal choice
and that depends
on your taste,
your sense of adventure,
and the feeling that you'd like to create.
Want proof? 

Here are three photos of the same room.
The paint color (and accessories)
giving each room a distinct personality.

Can you see the differences?
Can you sense the mood for each room?

Vibrant yellow walls turn up the temperature in this room,
making it warm and and welcoming.
Red, orange and yellow are 'neighbors' on the color wheel.
This is an analogous color combination.

The rug, walls and drapery are all Beige,
but there's nothing boring about these neutral walls.
Don't be shy about mixing patterns!
A dose of white pulls it all together.
(all three rooms from Better Homes and Gardens)
Green and red are opposite one another on the color wheel.
This forms complementary color scheme,
which usually is quite dramatic.
But because the green is so pale this room feels peaceful.

Still puzzled?

Here's a basic approach that I used to help one client
select a wall color for her recently re-modeled kitchen.

The room had rich surfaces:
dark brown granite,
creamy travertine on the backspash and floors,
 with gleaming mid-brown cabinets.
Her husband wanted to paint the walls white,
but she thought she could do better.
I agreed!

She already had chosen fabric.
We were well on our way!
TIP #1 - choose an anchor fabric that has at least 3 colors in it.

She wanted a casual, welcoming, kitchen,
and planned to display her collection of Hadley Pottery.
Tip #2 - Decide if the room is casual or formal and what
feeling you want to convey.

My client thought about so many colors --
creamy yellow, grey and light blue, but couldn't decide.

"There's always white", her husband chimed optimistically.

In the end, she selected SW 6218, Tradewind.
Tip # 3 - A safe choice: ue the background of the fabric
for wall color.

The ceiling will be painted a soft creamy white, 
and her dear husband will paint the trim his color of choice,

Every room needs a starting point. 
An inspiration.
It might be a rug, a painting or drapery fabric.

Once its chosen, you're on your way
to building a balanced, appealing room.

More tips to follow another day. 
Now I'm off to paint!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Glazed Doors

Simply put, I am but two hands
doing for people what they can't do for themselves ~
I take their ideas and make them happen.

Not all projects are colorful.
Nor are they all glamorous,
or wildly unique.

But each job is important,
because it's part of a client's plan for her home.
And I am pleased to play a small part in that plan.

This master bathroom is still under construction.
It's a glamorous and beautiful room --
and when completed, it will be a show-stopper.

My job - not so glamorous!
I was asked to paint the closet doors
so that they would blend
with the factory produced millwork.

Because the house is under renovation,
I was able to set up the doors
in the adjoining room and spray them.

You can see that the homeowner already tested some colors,
but ultimately I used the ever trusty,
 Sherwin Williams Antique White.

For all you gadget lovers,
this is what I used to brace the doors for painting.

Once set up, it was a breeze to prime and paint
both sides of the doors using my sprayer.

You can see by the paper covering the floor,
that there wasn't much overspray or mess.
Gosh, I love my HVLP!

With the chocolate glaze added
and several coats of varnish,
 these doors are ready to be hung
as soon as the room is painted.

Next week I'll be working on the fireplace,
so I'll get to see the room totally done.....
and that's always a treat for me.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Wild Cabinet

While I was doing my holiday shopping,
I happened to pass the window of a salon

where once I painted a cabinet.
Curious, I peeked in to see if it was there.
Imagine my surprise when I saw it was in great shape
and still being used twelve years later!

I ducked inside to re-introduce myself,
and see if I might take a photo.
But the owner surprised me.
"Sharon," she called out, "How nice to see you again!"

Which leads me to believe that I need
a new hair style and wardrobe
-- since obviously not much has changed for me over the years! 
Resolution #1 for the New Year.

Nonetheless, it was nice to see one of my pieces
still being enjoyed....
and it reminded me how important it is
 to keep in touch with former clients.
Which leads to Resolution #2 for the New Year.


Happy New Year!


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