Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh Baby!

A few months ago I shared photos
 of a furniture project --
updating some 1970's furniture 
so it could be used in a nursery.

This week I was invited back to do a little more painting,
and meet the baby girl who now calls this room home.

Such a fun room! 
A mix of elegance and whimsy all in one.
The new mother wanted a silver tree
added to the wall behind the crib,
so in between baby's naps, I set to work.

The tree was painted with
 Silver and Pearl glazes,
(which don't photograph very well)
and Martha Stewart's Thundercloud,
a dark grey metallic paint, for shading.

Here's peek at the begining

and then the tree grew!

More sparkle and glam was needed,
so Martha Stewart came to the rescue.

Have you tried her glue and glitter?

The glue is dispensed from a pen,
so there's lots' of control where it goes.
And the glitter is super fine, for maximum sparkle.

These were likely designed
 for scrapbooking projects,
but they worked so well on the wall.
I dipped my finger into the glitter
and patted it onto the line of glue
for highlights on the leaves and birds. 

The furniture was perfectly at home
in this girly-girl room.

Isn't the pouffe pretty?

You can tell that I don't often get to see
a completed room!
I was captivated.

...and this chair oooo-la-la!

One thing I appreciate about this room
is that it is a room that a child can grow with.
These colors, the fabrics and furniture
will be just as appropriate for a teen-ager.

And someday, it will may an elegant guest bedroom.


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