Sunday, February 19, 2012

Plastered in the Kitchen

One of the many things I enjoy about my job
is that every day is different.
The unexpected, the challenging, and the creative
are just a phone call away!

Recently I was called to do a repair in a kitchen.
  Isn't this a cute room?

The room had been done over ten years ago.
 I wasn't the original artist, but whoever did this job,
did it very nicely.
 Unfortunately, the plaster began to fail over the refrigerator.
Could I fix this, somehow?

My first question was 'why' did this happen.
Moisture?  Heat?  Poor surface prep?
Once I was satisfied that there were no hidden problems
that first needed to be fixed,
I scraped the plaster from the wall
and began to work.

Decorative painting, much like handwriting,
is unique~
no two people do it the same.

Here was the challenge:

Not only did I need to match the product
the previous artist used,
but also her colors and style.

At this point, there's no turning back!
How well could I copy this?

I roughed up the surface of the wall,
primed and painted,  
then stenciled the grapes
 and glued the wine labels in place.

Texture was added on top of this.
You can see some was skimmed over the painting
so that in the end,
it would look as though they
were hidden in the plaster wall.

The final touch was staining
 and blending into the original work.

Now, things are back to normal
in  Mrs. C's kitchen.
And her phone call to say 'thank you'
was one I ws glad to receive.


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