Sunday, February 5, 2012

Small space - big impact, a Butler Pantry.

Seven years ago (!) I painted this client's dining room. 
The walls are multiple layers of plaster
tinted olive green and ochre
with bits of gold leaf peeking through.  

Next to the dining room is a butler pantry. 
And this week I was asked to paint it.

The client wanted something
 that would relate to the dining room,
but nothing serious....
 whimsical and fun, please.

We settled on two patterns --
a contemporary design of metallic
rectangles and squares.
Copper, bronze, silver and gold.
A backsplash of sorts.

Here's a close up of it in progress.

Lots  and lots of tape for this project! 
You can see that I used Benjamin Moore's Metallic Glazes.
In fact, it was a Ben-Moore brochure
that inspired this project.
Where the squares overlap, secondary colors are made.
Silver over bronze. 
 Gold over copper.
Yummy all over!

On the opposite wall,
the client asked for stripes of random widths.
But only on the lower portion of the wall, please.
She plans to hang some bold art above.
The space isn't large,
but it makes quite an impact --
and that's just what we wanted.


Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I enjoy hearing from you!

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