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Sign Making 101

I've been asked for more details about how to letter a sign  like the one from the previous posting.

 I'm glad to share some ideas with you,
so you can enjoy making signs, too.

Making signs can be addicting.
causing you to become a Font Junkie,
to scrutinize advertising signs everywhere.

The hardest part of the project is deciding what to say   --and then choosing which font to use!
Looking for some interesting fonts? Here are two sites that offer FREE downloads. and

Getting the lettering onto your sign
 can be done in a few ways. I happen to use an overhead projector, like this one.

Where do you find an overhead projector?

Look for one on Craigs List.
I saw one today for $40 - and suspect it will sell for less.
Our library will rent one for $5 per day,
maybe your's does, too.

From the computer, I print the words  onto Transparency Film.
Turn on the overhead, and the words can be proje…

Cowgirl Chic

This week was overflowing with fun projects. 
 My favorite was helping create a bedroom  for a friend's daughter, who loves her cowboy boots, country music and all things Western. BUT  her daughter is quite "girly" so her room needed to be sophisticated, too.

Maria started her daughter's bedroom by purchasing all the accessories and accents from Hobby Lobby!
With these as inspiration, she planned the bedroom, and we put it together in one afternoon!
First up, the furniture.

By the time I arrived at her home, Maria had already installed the rusty hardware on the furniture (thank you Hobby Lobby!).

I rubbed dark brown glaze over the bleached oak furniture to make it look weathered.
Then painted the mirror to look like cowhide.

From Contemporary to Country!
The bedside tables were next, first washed and sanded with blue paint to match the accent wall.

....and more cowhide.

But instead of placing one table on each side of the bed, we decided to stack them like this.

Yes, draw pulls are need…

Backhoes in the Bedroom

My client bemoaned the lack of unique design ideas for little boy's rooms.
She'd scoured the internet looking for inspiration, and came up with nothing.
But together we set out to change that.

She wanted something bold. Something big. Something graphic.
And she had an idea - -  paint a large backhoe on the wall.

Two years old, her son is captivated by heavy construction equipment.
Perhaps that's because his Daddy is a builder, or perhaps it's just an inborn "guy thing," because these behemoths hold allure for  the big guys, too.
Yes! A backhoe it will be!
The new color scheme for the room--  GREY and YELLOW. The walls were painted Cityscape, by Sherwin Williams.  The ceiling is Argos.
And I was ready to begin. But how to draw a 15 foot backhoe?
In the studio, I used a projector to transfer a drawing of a backhoe onto craft paper so that I could take it to the client's home and work without too much fuss.

I used a pounce wheel to transfer the design onto the wall.  If yo…

Expect the Unexpected

This weekend I had the occasion  to wander through the last day of an estate sale  when everything is fairly picked over  and marked down 50% or more.  But this is the day for bargains!  
 I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just being a good sport by joining my husband who loves the "happy hunt.'  
He was looking for another drill press. But I came away with the treasure...
This chair $15. 
"Treasure?" you say.  "You must be joking." Let me explain.

In time, this chair will be painted white,  reupholstered and take its place in Mom's sunroom.  Once upon a time,
 Mom had a pair of these chairs   and recently bemoaned the fact
that she ever got rid of them
because today, 40 years later,
they would the perfect for her sun room.  
Which again proves  that as soon as you get rid of something  -- you will need it! 
That said, I was pleased to find this chair. And I know that when it gets its face lift, it will be charming.
But there was only one chair,  and two…
Happy Easter!
I thought you might enjoy this message written by Diane Markins. My childhood Easters were a lot like hers -- awash in colored eggs and chocolate. Perhaps your's were the same.
Now as adults, we realize the profound impact of the day, knowing that the gift of Easter far surpasses any basket of treats.
"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith -- and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God -- not by works so that no one can boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9).
Blessings to all.

As a little girl I loved Easter. What’s not to love? My sister and I always got a new “Easter outfit” which included a frilly dress of our choosing, lacy socks, shiny new patent leather mary janes, a hat and even little white gloves.  No, I’m not nearing 80, that’s just the way my mom wanted to do things.
Coloring enough eggs to exhaust a barnyard of chickens, we were artistic geniuses. The night before the big day we…

A Friend Paints

My friend, Deb, has created a soothing retreat for herself.
Her pale yellow and blue color scheme
 is decidedly feminine and very welcoming.

I love to sit in her kitchen and enjoy a cup of tea!

The house came with stained wood trim
 on the windows and baseboards,
but this was too heavy for her pastel decor.
So inch by inch, window by window,
Deb painted all the trim in her home with white paint.

What a tedious job!
But the change was dramatic and
everything looks so fresh and bright.

Next up, the yuck-y, builder-grade oak cabinets.
Theywere transformed with a soft shade of blue grey.
Now the hunt for the right knobs begins. 

With paint brush in hand, Deb tackled her TV cabinet.
Originally it was light wood.
But painted, it will be nicer in her pretty living room. 

Benjamin Moore #920, Honey Harbour,
a creamy vanilla color, was the base.

I mixed a silver and blue glaze that echoed the color of the kitchen cabinets
and harmonized with with her toile sofas.

Together we glazed the cabinet...
just enough to giv…