Sunday, April 15, 2012

Backhoes in the Bedroom


My client bemoaned the lack of unique design ideas for little boy's rooms.
She'd scoured the internet looking for inspiration, and came up with nothing.
But together we set out to change that.

She wanted something bold.
Something big.
Something graphic.

And she had an idea - -
 paint a large backhoe on the wall.

Two years old, her son is captivated by heavy construction equipment. 

Perhaps that's because his Daddy is a builder, or perhaps it's just an inborn "guy thing,"
because these behemoths hold allure for  the big guys, too.

Yes! A backhoe it will be!

The new color scheme for the room--  GREY and YELLOW.
The walls were painted Cityscape, by Sherwin Williams. 
The ceiling is Argos.

And I was ready to begin.
But how to draw a 15 foot backhoe?

In the studio, I used a projector to transfer a drawing of a backhoe onto craft paper so that I could take it to the client's home and work without too much fuss.  

I used a pounce wheel to transfer the design onto the wall. 
If you don't know what a pounce wheel is, watch Michael Cooper's video here.
It's a great tool that saves so much time when you're painting a mural. 

......and so the fun begins!

By the end of the day, the backhoe was in place, neatly parked along the chair molding.

But wait! 
My client's husband had an idea --paint a skyline in the background.

 The hint of buildings behind the backhoe adds so much interest to the design.
I'm so glad he thought of it!

Best of all was the reaction of my client's son who ran into into his room and squealed
"I like it!"

...and his Daddy did, too.



  1. You are amazing! I thought at first you used a large decal. Silly me. I should have figured you painted it by hand. It is just perfect, as always. Hoping to get some free time to talk to you this week.

  2. wow wow wow! You're amazing, Sharon!

  3. Wow, that looks fantastic! It looks so realistic, I thought part of it was in 3-D.

  4. Hi Christa - thanks for you kind words. This really was a fun project!


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