Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cowgirl Chic

This week was overflowing with fun projects. 

 My favorite was helping create a bedroom
 for a friend's daughter,
who loves her cowboy boots, country music
and all things Western.
her daughter is quite "girly"
so her room needed to be sophisticated, too.

Maria started her daughter's bedroom
by purchasing all the accessories and accents
from Hobby Lobby!

With these as inspiration, she planned the bedroom,
and we put it together in one afternoon!

First up, the furniture.

By the time I arrived at her home,
Maria had already installed the rusty hardware
on the furniture (thank you Hobby Lobby!).


I rubbed dark brown glaze over the bleached oak
furniture to make it look weathered.

Then painted the mirror to
look like cowhide.

From Contemporary to Country!

The bedside tables were next,
first washed and sanded with blue paint
to match the accent wall.

....and more cowhide.

But instead of placing one table on each side of the bed,
we decided to stack them like this.

Yes, draw pulls are needed, so it's back to Hobby Lobby!
Together, we assembled the room in an afternoon,
so that when her daughter came home from work,
she could enjoy her own mini Extreme Makeover.

And she was was thrilled!

But one last detail was needed.
A sign.

Back in the workshop, I lettered a rustic sign,
using a piece of salvaged board.

It looked a little plain -- hmmm
something extra was needed.

Nailhead trim and a few painted stars helped.

And we were all set.
Two women.
One afternoon.
Mission accomplished!


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  1. I love that mirror! You are soooo talented. Also, like the touches of blue. I'm a sucker for blue! Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by and checking out the little updates for my daughter's room. It's so fun to work in there. Wishing you a grand Sunday! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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