Monday, April 9, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Doris Salcedo installation 2003, Istanbul (

This weekend I had the occasion
 to wander through the last day of an estate sale
 when everything is fairly picked over
 and marked down 50% or more. 
But this is the day for bargains!  

 I wasn't looking for anything in particular,
just being a good sport by joining my husband
who loves the "happy hunt.'  

He was looking for another drill press.
But I came away with the treasure...

This chair $15. 

"Treasure?" you say.  "You must be joking."
Let me explain.

In time, this chair will be painted white,
 reupholstered and take its place in Mom's sunroom. 
Once upon a time,
 Mom had a pair of these chairs 
 and recently bemoaned the fact
that she ever got rid of them
 because today, 40 years later,
they would the perfect for her sun room.  

Which again proves
 that as soon as you get rid of something
 -- you will need it! 

That said, I was pleased to find this chair.
And I know that when it gets its face lift,
it will be charming.

But there was only one chair,
 and two were required. 

Ah, the internet.
It took us to Fred's

Our metro area has a furniture liquidation store
 that is filled to the brim with more that you can imagine. 
True, it's all jammed and stacked to the ceiling,
 but the website showed
 that the store had a caned tub chair in stock. 

And it had a name: 
 Vintage Hollywood Regency Tub Chair! 

Who knew. 

We found it in the back of the upper floor
 nestled hidden among other chairs 
 and buried under well-worn throw pillows. 

Satisfied that I'd cornered the market on Hollywood Regency,
 I drove home.

And I discovered that the two chairs didn't quite match.

Paint to the rescue!
(Paint tip:) 
Odd styles of furniture can be successfully united
by painting them the same color.
And since these chairs were the same general style,
color will easily hide any minor variation between them.

Now it's off to the fabric store.
I have my work (ahem) cut out for me!


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