Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sign Making 101

I've been asked for more details
about how to letter a sign 
like the one from the previous posting.

 I'm glad to share some ideas with you,
so you can enjoy making signs, too.

Making signs can be addicting.
causing you to become a Font Junkie,
to scrutinize advertising signs everywhere.

The hardest part of the project is deciding what to say 
 --and then choosing which font to use!

Looking for some interesting fonts?
Here are two sites that offer
FREE downloads.
Getting the lettering onto your sign
 can be done in a few ways.
I happen to use an overhead projector, like this one.

Where do you find an overhead projector?

Look for one on Craigs List.
I saw one today for $40 - and suspect it will sell for less.
Our library will rent one for $5 per day,
maybe your's does, too.

From the computer, I print the words 
onto Transparency Film.

Turn on the overhead, and the words can be projected
directly onto the sign
(yes, I often hang the wood on the wall),
or onto tracing paper,
then transfer it to your sufrace.

The Cowgirl sign was easy and quick,
because the painting didn't need to be precise.

Rustic is very good!

No projector?
No problem.

Use your computer to print off the words.
Make it large!

Rub the BACK of the paper with

Turn it over and trace.
A piece of tape will keep you in line.

Re-trace the letters if needed,
now you're ready to paint!


Give it a try and next time we'll look
at ways of embellishing your lettering
with highlights and shadows.


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