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Quick Kitchen Fix

This week I was a "fixer"--  As in help!  Can you fix this?
The homeowner was in the midst of a kitchen remodel. Her new cabinets were not the same size as the previous ones,
 leaving a gap on either side that needed repair. 
Because the original artist was not available, the kitchen designer called me to help,
because I can "fix anything."
(her words, certainly not mine!)
This time, a different solution was needed.
The walls were heavily plastered and I couldn't match the original artist''s work. As an alternative, I suggested filling in with afaux brick.
There was there was painted brick peeking out from the plaster on two other walls.
Trowel in hand, I set to work.
Do you like my hand measuring stick!
When the plaster dried, it was painted to match the other brick in the room.



A Family Tree

I was given AS a Mother's Day gift!
A friend's children, all young adults,  asked if I would paint a tree  on the wall in their game-room as a gift for their Mother on her special day. 
They had collected family photos, both old and new, and wanted to create a wall similar to one she had seen on-line, and admired.
Here's the inspiration shared with me.
Painter's tape helped plan where the main branches would go. And then I began to paint... until the wall was filled.

All the photos were framed in black, which helped unify their various sizes and shapes.
We decided where the frames would go
by holding them up to the wall, moving them a little to the left here
-- or a bit higher there.
Satisfied, the empty frame was nailed to the wall.

One by one the frames were filled with family photos,
and here's the happy result.

The tree spills across the entire wall
and wraps around the corner,
so as the family grows, there's room for more photos.

What a thoughtful gift,
for a very special Mothe…

Distressed Dinette

One of this week's projects was for a client who tried her hand at refurbishing her kitchen set,  and found she needed to be rescued.
I found it in this state of less-than-lovely.
Wait!  That photo doesn't show  the drippy varnish and spotty glazing that frustrated my client.  

Lots of sanding was involved. Surprise, surprise! It seems the set was once dark green.

Now it's black, sleek and fabulous.

We wanted to distress the edges, but sanding revealed both white and green paint which were best left unseen. So I painted some "faux-distressing" along the edges, using Sherwin William Jute Brown.
It's the color of raw wood, especially against the black.

The kitchen set now has a new lease on life
and later this month it will move into it's new home, 
ready to serve it's family again.  Enjoy!

Tween Rooms

This week's projects were inspired by Pottery Barn Teen.
Miss Emma chose a bold paisley quilt for her bed.
Here it is in the catalogue. For her, I painted two canvases. One with her name. The other was abstract, using colors from her quilt.

This style of painting is a little very "outside the box" for me, 
but it was great fun to spash, drip and push paint across the canvas. I'll be doing this more often!
And here's her name plate.

In last week's post I shared some ideas on lettering, and I used those very techniques for Emma's sign.
Her younger sister, Miss Hailee,  also chose a quilt from the PB catalogue,
 one with bright flowers.
Both girls decided on very bold color for their walls. While Emma's walls were charcoal grey metallic, Hailee's were bright 1950's-diner-turquoise with black dots. Scattered among the dots,  I painted clusters of flowers just like the fabric, and I painted a bright pink mirror for her, too.

The family hasn't moved into their h…