Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Family Tree

from "the Gift Wrapped LIfe
I was given AS a Mother's Day gift!

A friend's children, all young adults,
 asked if I would paint a tree 
on the wall in their game-room
as a gift for their Mother on her special day. 

They had collected family photos,
both old and new,
and wanted to create a wall
similar to one she had seen on-line,
and admired.

Here's the inspiration shared with me.

source unknown

Because the family was large,
the tree needed to be large.
from floor to ceiling. 

Painter's tape helped plan
where the main branches would go.
And then I began to paint...
until the wall was filled.  

All the photos were framed in black,
which helped unify their various sizes and shapes.

We decided where the frames would go
by holding them up to the wall,
moving them a little to the left here
-- or a bit higher there.
Satisfied, the empty frame was nailed to the wall.

One by one the frames were filled with family photos,
and here's the happy result.

The tree spills across the entire wall
and wraps around the corner,
so as the family grows, there's room for more photos.

What a thoughtful gift,
for a very special Mother,
from her very special children!



  1. Wonderful job!! Much better than the inspiration photo!

  2. Great job! I am sure "Mom" will enjoy it.

  3. Hello and Thank you for this story. Your work looks absolutely fantastic, so much better than the inspiration photo. That lady is very lucky...


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