Sunday, May 13, 2012

Distressed Dinette

One of this week's projects was for a client
who tried her hand at refurbishing her kitchen set,
 and found she needed to be rescued.

I found it in this state of less-than-lovely. 

Wait!  That photo doesn't show
 the drippy varnish and spotty glazing
that frustrated my client.  

Lots of sanding was involved.
Surprise, surprise!
It seems the set was once dark green.

Now it's black, sleek and fabulous.

We wanted to distress the edges,
but sanding revealed both white and green paint
which were best left unseen.
So I painted some "faux-distressing" along the edges,
using Sherwin William Jute Brown.
It's the color of raw wood, especially against the black.

The kitchen set now has a new lease on life
and later this month it will move into it's new home, 
ready to serve it's family again. 

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  1. Very nice! As always, your projects are perfectly executed.


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