Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quick Kitchen Fix

This week I was a "fixer"--  As in help!  Can you fix this?

The homeowner was in the midst of a kitchen remodel.
Her new cabinets were not the same size as the previous ones,
 leaving a gap on either side that needed repair. 

Because the original artist was not available, the kitchen designer called me to help, 
because I can "fix anything."
(her words, certainly not mine!)

This time, a different solution was needed.
The walls were heavily plastered and I couldn't match the original artist''s work.
As an alternative, I suggested filling in with afaux brick.
There was there was painted brick peeking out from the plaster on two other walls.

Trowel in hand, I set to work.
Do you like my hand measuring stick!

When the plaster dried, it was painted to match the other brick in the room.





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