Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tween Rooms

This week's projects were inspired
by Pottery Barn Teen.

Miss Emma chose a bold paisley quilt for her bed.
Here it is in the catalogue.
Pottery Barn Teen

For her, I painted two canvases.
One with her name.
The other was abstract,
using colors from her quilt.

This style of painting is a little very "outside the box" for me, 
but it was great fun
to spash, drip and push paint across the canvas.
I'll be doing this more often!

And here's her name plate.

In last week's post I shared some ideas on lettering,
and I used those very techniques for Emma's sign.

Her younger sister, Miss Hailee,
 also chose a quilt from the PB catalogue,
 one with bright flowers.
 Pottery Barn Teen

Both girls decided on very bold color for their walls.
While Emma's walls were charcoal grey metallic,
Hailee's were bright 1950's-diner-turquoise with black dots. 
Scattered among the dots,
 I painted clusters of flowers just like the fabric,
and I painted a bright pink mirror for her, too.

The family hasn't moved into their home yet,
so no photos of the furnished rooms,
but I hope that the girls will lover the special rooms
that their Mother planned for them.


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