Sunday, June 10, 2012


Sometimes things go well, and other times, not.
This is a case where a project failed
and some creative 'fixin' was needed.

My client wanted the phrase  "A Family is a Gift Forever"
lettered above the doorway in her kitchen. 

By using a self-sticking template,
it should take less than an hour to paint.
This would be an easy,  relaxing project.

But the wall had other ideas.
Five hours later, I finally finished. 

What happened?

Having finished the painting,
I pulled the sticky template from the wall  --
and the paint came off, too!

I suspect that years ago,
a drywall repair was made to this spot,
and it was never primed before being painted.

A quick repair - who'd ever know about it?
But I found it!

You can imagine my surprise,
my  disppointment, 
my frustration.

What could be seen as a mistake 
can turn into something wonderful.

I carefully repaired and painted the wall around each letter.
Yes, this took time, and it's not perfect!

Because the new wall paint didn't match
 the existing paint,
 branches, twigs and leaves were added
 to hide the subtle difference in color.

In the end, the project turned out nicer
than our original plan
for simply lettering the wall.

Which just proves, when you're given lemons,
make lemonade!


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