Sunday, June 17, 2012

An OId New Cabinet

For several months,
 my client has been looking for an old hutch
to use as a potting table in her sunroom.

A lovely room, isn't it.

Time passed.
 She had no luck finding an old cabinet, 
 so she commissioned a carpentry shop to
 build her a new one.

My job was to take this BEAUTIFUL,
pristine piece of furniture......

and make it look old, cracked and vintage.

Every stick of furniture I paint has a history,
as witnessed by each chip, flake, gouge and ding.

For these worn old pieces,
paint is an improvement that brings new life to a cast-off.

But this piece was so nice,
I hesitated to begin!

My client chose a chippy-cracked effect for her hutch.

Blue underneath.

Sherwin Williams, Blue Danube -- one coat over primer.

White on top.

Sherwin Williams, Panda White

Cracked.  Chipped. Distressed. Stained.

Where the Crackle Medium is thickest,
the cracks are large.

I dabbed a damp sponge into these areas
to allow more blue to come through.

A tickle of brown glaze to add to the aged effect,

And Voila!

An old, new cabinet!


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  1. I like the old look best... great colors. and wow, what a gorgeous room!


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